Libra libra sibling compatibility

Libra and Capricorn Compatibility

But she'll also be your BFF, the person with whom you can share anything. Even if she's off to her next social engagement before your problems have been solved, at least she'll have left you with great advice so you can get yourself back on track. Your air sign mother will be an enigma to you. Her gypsy soul and ability to make friends with any stranger but periodically blow off the people she has known for years, like, say, her own mom confounds you. For you, family loyalty is everything. She considers her BFFs her fam and her bloodline in the same category.

There can be a strangely competitive dynamic here as if your mother is always occupying the space of the trendsetting cool girl while you're left playing the heavy.

Comparing yourself to her is futile but she can show you to lighten up while you can remind her that breezing around and making upbeat small talk does not a legit connection make. You'll definitely be teachers for each other, even if the lessons are hard to take in at times. Like a cool, refreshing breeze, everything can be so chill in this mother-kid combo.

Neither one of you likes to make a huge fuss out of anything. You'd rather explore the metaphysical meaning, pick it apart intellectually, or turn it into a viral meme that makes everyone die laughing. Talking and talking You're both social and people-oriented—expect a full house and a rotating cast of guests to pop by. If you have tons in common, you'll end up being BFFs. If not, you'll be like two ships passing in the night, and years could pass before you even visit home.

Nevertheless, you'll both understand the other's journeying instincts and need to follow life's compass instead of a pre-ordained script. Chin up, shoulders back. The air sign mom might be sympathetic to your sorrows but she is not going to plummet into any emotional black hole with you.

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Where you brood, she wants to breeze on and get over it already! This can be a good thing in some ways as her jokes and playful ideas can shore you out of your moody spells. But sometimes, you just want to That's fine. But forget about manipulating her with tears or running to her for a hug when you've done something self-destructive for the fifteenth time.

She'll be armed with advice she's read all the books, lived in the ashram, studies at the master teacher's feet and won't hold back from delivering it. You're fundamentally different creatures, but this will tickle her in many ways, especially when you let your creative side out to play. Hello, Mother Superior. The nurturing, caretaking water sign mom is everything our culture holds up as classic maternal traits.

This mom is uber-tuned-in to her kids' needs, sensing their hurt feelings—and rushing in with a piece of chocolate—before the first tear rolls down a cheek. She can be a hands-on mom who creates a cozy hearth and home.

If your Mom is a FIRE SIGN (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

A born culture-vulture, she'll expose her kids to amazing music, art, and literature too. Her innate understanding of emotions makes her empathetic to every stage of life.

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  • Pisces: The Selfless Heart;

She understands that teens will be teens and tries to create a safe harbor for that turbulent time. She herself can be quite the emotional creature and this may create instability at times. Compartmentalizing is not her forte and if she's going through a tough moment, she might check out or have moods so palpable her kids start worrying about her.

Or, she can take things, like say, you not calling daily, a little too personally. But if you keep the communication open and share from the heart, there's no greater champion than the water sign mom. She just wants to be involved and stand by you through your milestone moments like falling in love for the first time, healing from heartbreaks, getting engaged, having babies—all the things she holds dear.

Where you're a free spirit, your water sign mom is fixated on what might go wrong. At times this creates a perfect balance—she'll save you from some painful mistakes with her intuition. But you may also feel smothered at times, especially when you want to find your own wings and she keeps grabbing you before you fall out of the nest. Also, your intrepid traveling could clash with her domestic nature. Make sure you call and visit a little more often if you want to keep the peace. She's not trying to control you. She just wants to connect.

If your Mom is an EARTH sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Scorpios can bring out the sensuality in Libra. Find out how compatible you are with your sibling and enjoy better relationship with them.. Conversely, Leo is more than happy to lend an ear whenever needed. You can read about it here. Make sure to acknowledge her more often and recognize when she's trying to connect to you by doing nice little things even if you find them a little irritating. But don't pooh-pooh her gifts.

This heavenly mom-kid matchup couldn't be better. You're a bit of a perfectionist who can be discouraged at the first sign of disapproval. But the water sign mom tends to think the sun rises and sets on her kids—and this creates a safe space for you to make "mistakes" and learn from them. You both love tradition, family, and cozy time at home. At times her moods can be aggravating for you because you'd prefer to just focus on achievement.

But she'll bring an important reminder to slow down and think about the impact you have on others—especially when your desire to win flares up and makes you a little too competitive. Your water sign mom is definitely convenient. She'll hold down the fort and have a hot meal waiting for you as you bounce from one social activity to another. Capricorn is also a very family-oriented person. She believes that nothing can replace the bond someone has with their family, so she would go to the ends of the earth to support them like they support her.

Even though she can sometimes be a little bossy with her siblings, Capricorn knows that they still love her no matter what kind of person she is. Pisces completely relies on her siblings; without them, she would probably always feel lost and helpless. To her, a sibling is a best friend she can talk to about anything and someone who knows that she needs that support when things get tough.

Life is hard and stressful, but knowing that she has siblings would always be there for her to lean on when she needs it makes Pisces feel stronger and surer of herself. Her siblings are her safe space and her dream world — where she can stop thinking about the things that stress her out and just spend quality time with them. Pisces is also crazy close to her siblings because she highly values the memories she has made with them.

Emily Ratay is a full-time writer living in Pittsburgh. She's passionate about the environment and feminism, and knows that anything is possible in the right pair of shoes. She plans on writing a non-fiction book in the future. When you decide to compete with one another, the conflict can get ugly. Someone should stand by with a hired bar bouncer to help pull you apart. Be prepared for some awesome conversations!

Even during childhood, you two discussed your views of the world -- and with sophistication and confidence. These qualities will serve you well in your later academic lives. You will rarely fight over material possessions. Sagittarius is extremely physical and adventurous, while you are more reserved and serious, if in an eclectic way.

You might seem to be born with a knack for electronics the same way Sagittarius was born with an iron throwing arm. If you are looking for advice for ongoing issues, try a Timeline Tarot Reading for a glimpse at the past, present, and future. Aquarius and Aquarius make an interesting set of siblings. Both of you are serious about what you do -- even if what you do varies a lot. During childhood, you were both unconventional in the way you played.

Capricorn preferred solitary activities, like one-on-one strategy games, while you always sought out ways to be part of a larger group How do you both stay happy? Aquarius and Aquarius A double does of Aquarian energy might sound good at first -- but that may not be the case. Both of you will insist that people should be free to have their own way of thinking, but will probably have a hard time allowing one another to have your individual ideas.

The Surprising Influence Birth Order Has on Your Zodiac Sign

This could mean that you want to make the world a better place, just in your own ways. Respect for your individual talents is the key to your happiness and sanity. The two of you are going to fight from time to time.

Having two strong leaders is bound to incite a few challenges on the way to the top spot in the pecking order. Aquarius and Pisces have different approaches, but similar purposes.