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Top 40, hip-hop, funk, mashups, and old-school.

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Guest DJs weekly. El Superritmo Make-Out Room.

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Hickory www. Erotic tea dance for gay bachelor parties.

Swing and Salsa Dance Party Magnet, th; www. Get your gay on and swing it! Tabu Lounge Glas Kat.

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Smooth hip- hop, urban Top 40, and funky Frisco house. Toxic vs. Brownies 4 My Bitches Cat Club. Four DJs battle in two rooms. With Mike Miranda.

International Espionage! Pinback, Mr. Bob Schneider, Amie Miriello Independent. Tori Sparks Biscuits and Blues.

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Ron Thompson Biscuits and Blues. Metro Sonic Tone 19 Broadway. Sweet Can Circus Amnesia. Bingo Hello Bingo Lexington. Sapphic bingo frenzy, with DJ Myles spinning between games. Bionic Club. Boogie Brunch Levende Lounge. Church II Pirata, th St; Live salsa bands plus great Cuban BBQ. Dimanche Slide. Dub Mission Elbo Room. Dub, roots, and classic dancehall. Funky house, hip-hop, and club classics. French Kiss Pink.

Resident bad boys Mykill and Forever 21 play electro, disco, punk, pop, indie, rock, and mashups. Gemini Disco Party Beauty Bar. Studio style party, without Mick Jagger doing coke in the basement. With DJ Page Hodel. Reggae and dancehall with Stepwise, Dread Lion, and weekly special guests. Industry Night Madrone Lounge. On the Corner Lookin Easy Stud. Password Vessel, 85 Campton Place; , www.

Hip-hop and sports: two great tastes that taste great together.

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The People Factory , Harrison; Rotating DJs spin trance and house. Propaganda Laszlo. Intimate disco and electropop. Salsa Sundays El Rincon. Salsa Sundays El Rio. Live salsa, plus free BBQand dance lessons. Sundance Saloon Space Country and western dancing, serving the LGBT community and its friends. Sun-Daze Double Dutch. Hip-hop and old-school with D] B-Love. Tea Dance Stud.

With D] Jimmy Strano. David Landon Band Biscuits and Blues. Patti Smith and Her Band Warfield. House band followed by a jam session. Jazz and blues. Live musician showcase with local talent. Block-Party Double Dutch. Underground hip-hop and old-school. With DJ Veronica and special guest. Cana Little Baobab, th St; Reggaeton, dancehall, and more with DJ Joe Quixx. Club Camille s Beauty Bar. Classic-era drunk rock. Club Dread Club Six. Reggae, brah! Club 99 Stud. Merengue, bachata, salsa, and cumbia lessons. Death Guild Glas Kat. Children of the Twilight Guild present this dark dance club.

Dollar Monday El Rio. DJ Jenny Hoyston spins hip-hop, oldies, and punk.

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With DJ Dave Gillis. Heavyweight Laszlo. With DJ SubText. Acid jazz, rare grooves, nu jazz, and deep house with DJ Hofwegen and friends. I Haight Mondays Underground.

Jupiter Henry and Freddie Future spin hip-hop. Karaoke Shark Cellar, Sutter; Karaoke madness with 25, song options. Punk Rock Sideshow Hemlock Tavern. Risky Mondays Club. Roccapulco 7pm. Salsa lessons each week. Salsa Lunes Cafe Cocomo. SF MunDaze Stud. Sex, Sexx, and More Sexxx Delirium.

Smokestack Laszlo. Blind Melon Independent. Tungsten SF El Rincon.

Sagittarius Weekly Astrology 28th January 2013 with Michele Knight

Danny Uzilevsky Solo Sessions 19 Broadway. Dave Parker Quartet Rasselas Jazz. Live music followed by Latin dance grooves with DJ Vanka. Miles Ahead Figaro Ristorante, Columbus; Stompy Jones Verdi Club, Mariposa; www. Andrew Freeman Giordano Brothers, Columbus; Alcoholocaust Presents Argus. Ay Karamba Glas Kat. Live salsa bands, Latin DJs, and dancing. Change the Beat Madrone Lounge. Thug jazz and funk rock from around the world, layered with dirty instrumental beats.

Power pop, glam rock, Eurowave, rock, disco, and electro.